Radhanath Swami on ‘Unity is Strength’

The topic of unity has been pondered, reflected, and pursued since time immemorial—how to create unity within this world? One of the greatest powers in all fields of life is unity. But there is a fundamental problem: there are so many diversified distinctions between living beings…

Be Like a Tree

Tolerating the heat of the sun, the cold snow of the winter, the wind and rain in the monsoons, the tree is simply supplying all benefits to others:supplying shade to us, while it suffers in the sun; supplying firewood to warm us, while it suffers in the freezing winter. Although it stands alone without a home…

Radhanath Swami – Hope in Chaos

Radhanath Swami on Hope in chaos

Politicians want to try to make adjustments to change the chaotic condition of society but the most what they can do is suppress it for some time. And while it’s being suppressed, it appears that things are a little peaceful. But in the process of suppressing, the disease is