Radhanath Swami Speaks on ‘I’ and ‘Mine’

This sense of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ individually and collectively is creating chaos on personal, national, and international levels. No politician or United Nations can solve the root cause of these problems. They can deal with the symptoms and try to somehow or the other make it a little bearable. The solution is we have to give up the sense that ‘I am this body’ and those things in relation to this body are ‘mine.’ The solution to the problem is to enlighten the consciousness of humanity.

By Radhanath Swami


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  • Jagannath Dham Das

    Radhanath Swami gives the complete & perfect solution for all conflicts at different levels, that is to raise our consciousness !
    Thank you very much Radhanath Swami !
    Hare Krishna !

  • Raj Narang

    HARI BOLLL!!!!!!!!!1

  • If ‘I’ and ‘mine’had not been there, we wouldn’t be here in this material world. We need pure souls like HH Radhanath Swami to get us out this ‘I’ and ‘mine’ syndrome.

  • Anagha Warade


  • Sagar Wadekar

    nice article.. we dont need temporary solutions for permanant problems.. we need permanant solutions and Maharaj is a right guide for the same. JAI !!!

  • Ravi Garg

    Thanks swamiji for reavealing us the root cause of our material conditionings….

  • srikanth

    H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj ki jai

  • Thanks a lot for posting this, it was very informative and helped me tons

  • krishna chandra das

    Without understanding the position of God as All-Supreme and our position as His eternal servants, it is impossible to avoid being bodily conscious.

  • I agree, tyvm for posting this..

  • Thank you, great post! Just the thing I needed to know.

  • It needs a lot of faith to practically apply this in every step of our life.

  • So very true. Radhanath Swami, explains that we love ‘our’ country, not because, we really selflessly love it, but because ‘I’ am associated with this country.

    Real selflessness extends to all living entities, not just the one’s belonging to our country or race or ethnicity or religion etc.

  • Vijay

    Very wonderfully explained!!!

  • Rupa

    Perfect answer!!

  • Gauri Advani

    I and Mine keeps one away from Divine. Radhanath Swami is rightly pointing out what we must watch out for

  • Manish Advani

    Radhanath Swami has wonderfully highlighted the root cause of problem

  • Rasaraj das

    A great solution to practically all the problems that trouble humanity today..

  • anand


  • Vishvesh Jogalekar

    Very true.

  • Sumit

    Very nice instruction from Radhanath Swami. If everyone follows these instructions with simple heart, all the problems will go away, because then everyone’s heart would be filled with the Lord and everyone else.

  • rohit

    On target.!

  • Manasa

    Wonderful Article!!! Thank you for sharing the words “Unity is Strength”

  • Pradeep Kumar

    Its true peace mantra, somebody have rightly said until we have universal fatherhood it is impossible to universal brotherhood, which modern politicians/philosophers forget. Onec we identify our self as soul and not body then we will see every living entity as part & parcel of God and then only real love will arise in everybody heart.

  • R.Sundar

    Thank You Radhanath Swamy maharaj for diagnosis and for the solution.

  • nandkishor wani

    the root cause of chaos on personal, national, and international levels is‘I am this body’ and those things in relation to this body are ‘mine.’

  • Jitendra Pardeshi

    Thank you Radhanath Swami Maharaj for the perfect diagnosis and the solution. You have practically demonstrated the solution through various projects that are flourishing and helping more and more people to elevate their God consciousness.

  • Abhijit Toley

    Enlighten the consciousness of humanity – well said by Radhanath Swami.

  • Prahalad Kaul

    Radhanath Swami explains the real problem of the chaos in this world & the solution to cure it also.

  • Anil Timbe

    How nicely Radhanath Swami is going to the root of real problem and giving solution to it. Thanks for sharing.

  • shirish

    Thank you Radhanth swami maharaj for awaking the real knowledge.

  • Bhavesh Patel

    This solution to be adopted by all people so this concept of I and mine will subdued and the aroma of Selfishness reflects through corruption can be reduced.

  • Arjun K Ramachandra

    Radhanath Swami goes to the root cause and solution of every problem. Just dealing with the symptoms of these problems can never give a permanent solution. We have to change the consciousness of the people by cleaning their hearts, then automatically external things will be set right.

  • ranjeet

    Only self realized soul can speak like this.

  • N Swaminathan

    The true ‘I’ is understanding that ‘I am a servant of God and all living beings are my brothers and sisters’

  • Dipti Gaikwad

    Sincere practice of the instructions of saints like Radhanath Swami and the scriptures can alone rid us of this disease.

  • Vinay Malani

    Radhanath Swami has rightly pointed out that it is the false sense of proprietorship which is the root cause of all differences & fighting amongst each other at every level. The only way to eliminate these differences is to abide by the law of God as ordained in the Vedic scriptures.

  • jhulana-yatra

    Listening to a saint opens up the channels of your brain to understandings that change your life in a positive way.

  • Karthik

    “aham amameti” – me and mine wonderfully explained, solving chaos not possible on the me and mine bodily platform but only on the spiritual platform. Maharaj has dedicated his life to enlighten the consciousness of Humanity.