Radhanath Swami Speaking About Pure Names of God

The name of God is the incarnation of God that is always present within this world. All the power, all the glory, all the purity of God is within His name.  All the beauty, all the sweetness, all the love of God is within His name. It is explained in the age of kali, the present age of darkness, God incarnates within the sound of His name.  Therefore, we are chanting the name of God. We are actually connecting our consciousness directly with God. God is all pure.  If we associate with what is all pure, we become purified.  If you associate with God, you become Godly and the Lord is so easily accessible through the beautiful sound of His name.

When the sun rises there is light. Similarly, when realization of God comes in heart, automatically moksha, enlightening takes place. It is said in the holy books that mukti or liberation is the liberated state beyond duality of this world, whereas bhakti is the positive entrance into the spiritual world.

By Radhanath Swami


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