Real Happiness – Radhanath Swami

Real self happiness

First of all we must know that in our own life our real happiness is not in chasing temporary illusions of this world, but rather is in finding true peace in the self. But that is not enough because the real happiness of that peace is in distributing it to others. According to our capacity, according to what we have and what we can do, we should live for the welfare of others. If we have a good intelligence, we should use our good intelligence to elevate others in devotion to God. If we have a strong body, we should use our strong body under the direction of a Guru to elevate others in devotion to God. If we have wealth, prestige, then we should use these things for the elevation of all other living beings in devotion to God. That is the greatest service to God and this according to Vedic scriptures is the only platform of real peace.

-Radhanath Swami


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