Gospel on the battlefield by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami on Gospel on battlefield

Why was Gita spoken on the battlefield? Krishna could have spoken to Arjuna in a cave in the Himalayas or in an ashram or on the bank of a holy river.  This is usually where people go to hear from sadhus.  But Krishna spoke to Arjuna in the least likely place and time,  in a battlefield on the brink of a war.

This is because the world is a battlefield and all of us are face to face with opposing forces.

On the one hand there is the propaganda of the scriptures to become detached, to become pure in heart, to become a servant of God , and to become the servant of all human beings.  The real fulfillment of all the desires of the soul will come to the degree we accept this position that ‘I am the humble servant of the Lord and a humble servant of all my brothers and sisters in the world.’

On the other hand there is the material propaganda  that we are the master and we are the enjoyer.