Ideal Taxes – Radhanath Swami

Ideal Taxes - Radhanath Swami

Places where it is most needed for everyone’s welfare. But today, somehow or other, the money is being extracted but we don’t see any money coming down. We don’t know where it is gone.

We never hear the sun taking any bribes. But, nowadays we know that nothing is going to be provided for me unless I bribe. What does this mean? This means that the leaders are not God conscious, they are not ruling on behalf of God. They are ruling on behalf of their own pride, their own ego and their own exploitative tendency. Some leaders really want to do good to people. Such a soul is very rare. They may have all good motives; but they cannot fulfill their desires to really help, because they are not directed by the saintly persons and the holy books, who can teach them the actual method to be in harmony with arrangement of God.

By Radhanath Swami


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  • Raju K Mewada

    Yes. There is an urgent need to teach all world leaders to have understanding of law of Karma and their role to serve the purpose of God. Then only we can consider the Ram rajya where all living species of life is happy and peaceful.

  • Really every politics who takes vow to serve society should be responsible by becoming devotee & understanding principles of Dharma which is universal.

  • Nikhil Damwani

    Very Nicely state of affairs have been explained. So many scams are exposed today because cousiness of people is not clear

  • pai

    That’s true Radhanath swami ki jai!!!

  • AbC

    No doubt that Swamiji can provide the saintly association which he speaks of here.

  • Sumit

    Today there is a dire need of Brahmanas who used to direct the kings to rule the empire. Radhanath Swami has brought out very good point of striving for a state where things go in accordance with the scriptures, which people have totally forgotten.

  • Sanjay S

    Radhanath Swami is showing how all the classes of society are integrated with each other and work only when they all function in harmony with the motive of pleasing God.

  • Mahendra

    All articles are Very Nice…

    Thank u

  • Shantipur Nath das

    must read for every politician!

  • prasad

    mahraj has given a amazing depth of understanding for me to see at these things.

  • Deepak Gupta

    I have been hearing Radhanth Swami for many years now. He speaks from his heart with a spiritual vision. We are fortunate to have such a soul on this planet.

  • Bhaskar

    Radhanath Swami Maharaj’s concern shows that a Sadhu represeting a genuine spiritual movement wants welfare of the society in all aspects as directed by God and Scriptures

  • viren

    these words of wisdom can only save human society!

  • Phani

    If leaders follow Radhanath Swami teachings, then there won’t be any correption and crime in society.

  • Shoba Fernandes

    Radhanath Swami has explained so well what RamRajya is all about. Everybody wants RamRajya but nobody is ready to take the extra trouble.

  • Vidya Patham

    Radhanath Swami is explaining so wonderfully how even competent leadership cannot work if not directed by sadhu and shashtra.

  • suresh

    It is very true, the Govt must be directed by saintly people so that they can do real good to the people.

  • R.Sundar

    H.H Radhanath Swami Maharaj through this article explain that the solution for todays world is God consciousness.

  • abhay

    Very true. I feel that the taxes I pay are not being properly used.

  • Jatin

    Radhanth Swami here is giving the formula for a perfect government, that only can lead to prosperity and peace for the world. I have seen that Radhanath Swami is really an expert in presenting solutions to our today’s problems from the timeless vedic wisdom. Otherwise the religion and vedas rather appear obsolete when we hear most of the discourses these days. Hats off to Radhanth Swami !!!!!!

  • Manasa

    Nice Article!

  • Phani

    Yes the society is in great need of a leader who has true spiritual values. Because of People like Radhanath Swami’s influence, still morals is been maintained in some people.

  • Deepak

    so true.

  • Swapnil

    I liked this post and seems to be so practical

  • sharda gokarn

    very nice analogy, hope all the leaders will follow.

  • nitin gupta

    This is very simple to understand analogy of Sun & Water. Very Nice I thank Radhanath Swami for sharing his realizations with us.

  • krishang

    very nice,thank you

  • M. Pandurangayya Shetty

    This reveals every leader or commander is representative of God. If they do not act accordingly, there is no peace in this world. Radhanath swami is indicating the method to bring peace in to the world. All glories to Radhanath Swami.

  • Keshav

    The last line is very enlivening. Thos who want to do good should do it in consultation with the Holy Scriptures and Saintly Persons, so that it is compliant with the arrangement of GOD. All religious and spiritual reformations have to be done like this else it will be a chaotic failure.

  • Sanjiv Chandnani

    What a wonderful analogy to explain the current state of affairs and to uplift our consciousness. Thank you

  • manoj

    “We never hear the sun taking any bribes. But, nowadays we know that nothing is going to be provided for me unless I bribe”anybody up there listening……….simply wonderful

  • Chandrashekar

    By reading this I could really get convinced that people in this world are not interested in helping others. So we need to depend only on God and His devotees like HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj

  • kaushik

    Sun taking bribe! Humorous but such a powerful message!

  • Unmesh

    Radhanath Swami has rightly pointed out reason for chaos in modern society. “Lack of God Conciousness”.

  • Shyam Bihari Das

    We need to take responsibility for the leaders we elect. If we, at the grass roots level, make sure we only elect God Conscious leaders, then what Maharaj says will come true. The onus is on the people who elect leaders without giving much thought to God Consciousness. Hari Bol!

  • Panctattva Das

    True tax defination

  • madhura

    very true.

  • Nina Sood

    We must base our behavior on Vedic scriptures .. They will always guide us appropriately .

  • Gopasana

    what a wonder analogy by Radhanath Swami to explain how the leaders are actually supposed to work.

  • Krishna

    Good article. Thanks for sharing

  • Neha Viral Chaglani

    Its so appealing and appears to have bright future but it seems impossible till leaders accept the authority of God.. All the leaders MUST read this and put it in practice then we will see miracles and Maharaj’s words coming true..

  • Rajesh

    Excellent analysis! and its true that if leaders are GOD conscious then everything will fall in place.

  • Uday

    Today’s political system is corrupt because leaders lack God consciousness.Radhanath Swami is offering solution to this problem.

  • vineeta

    very nice,thank you very much

  • bipin

    All GLories To H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj

    If only all the politicians were to follow God Consciousnedd, the world would have been a better place.

    Hare Krishna

  • pal

    Nice Article

  • anil manga

    Very nice, thank you very much Maharaj..

  • kumar

    thanks for this nice article

  • Vishvesh Jogalekar

    Very good guidance for the political leaders.

  • Y.Raja shekar

    This article of Radhanath Swami truly proves that Radhanath Swami is not of this world. The vedic priciples based on which Radhanath Swami always preaches are very clear and if one follows, gets the ultimate peace and benefit on the long run.

  • Pravin

    Here HH Radhanath swami maharaj is echoing the words of Bhagavatam and Srila Prabhupada.

  • Anita Iyer

    Beautiful analogy of sun and rain. The demigods work according to the desire of the Lord. Unfortunately, we have leaders in society who do not and that causes havoc. But we can become God conscious and help others do so. That will change the face of society.

  • Parag Udeshi

    It is so true that if we all desire to have Ram Rajya then our leaders need to follow what has been taught by Lord Ramchandra.

  • krishang

    wonderful,thank you

  • Damodar

    AS Radhanath swami is indicating here there are still few rare people who want to do good , but they do not know hoe to do good. We need guidance of qualified people like Radhanath swami to really do good to society.

  • Sujit Mehta

    ‘Degradation’ in all aspects of society, that seems to be the direction to follow for survival today. Yet the Lord always gives hope to all, time to time either he descends or sends his representative to give us the understanding, Radhanath Swami teaches by example and transmits the message of god in an unadulterated form.

  • CS Sandeep Shinde

    Radhanath swami has described the true quality of an ideal leader.

  • Ramya

    Radhanath Swami Maharaj has correctly analysed the root cause of our problems and he has given solution too.

  • vinay rachh

    A very nice article by maharaj describing the role of a true govt.

  • Radhanath Swami is giving the solution to all problems. If leaders follow his instructions we will be out of so called global financial problems which many leading countries are facing today. Presidents and Prime ministers should take advise of Radhanath Swami

  • anjanadri

    very nice post from Radhanath swami. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  • nisha

    I wish the leaders of the generation follow the path as suggested by our scriptures.

  • Gautam Gupta

    God centered life is answer to all our problems as advised by Radhanath Swami.

  • Yogita Jagannathan

    As Radhanath Swami says, if today’s leaders were God conscious, we would be lining in a totally different world – with no slaughterhouses, casinos, pubs etc. Under such God centred leadership, people would also imbibe good qualities.

  • Srinivas

    Radhana Swami explained the current scenario very nicely and suggested the solution

  • Anant Bhat

    Yes, Maharaj says right. I also agree with Balaji’s comments..

  • Vinay Malani

    Spirituality is the basis of a good moral character. But like Radhanath Swami mentions, people nowadays are very corrupt & selfish because they are devoid of God-consciousness. Unless we live by the spiritual principles, morality cannot exist in the society.

  • Vaishali Kamat

    Radhanath Swami is that visionary who can direct people to the right direction.

  • mukund

    a unique experience

  • rajesh jogani

    very nice analogy

  • Veena

    Very true!! Krishna Consciousness is very important & needs to be inculcated in everyone.

  • sandeep

    Radhanath swami has exactly depicted the current scenario. It also shows how world desperatley needs Krishna consciousness.

  • This is the root cause of disasters today. Radhanath Swami is rightly pointing out how we as citizens of whichever country we may be are completely misled by the so called leaders.

  • Hemant

    This is the reason the Vedas recommend monarchy over Democracy. A just and God Conscious King (kshatriya) will as per the Vedic system take advise from learned Brahmans and rule for the welfare for all. Whatever tax is collected is spent for the good of everybody.

  • Abhijit

    Radhanatha Swami points out in no uncertain terms that root cause of all problems is lack of God Consciousness.

  • Krishna

    Now a days bribe is the most common thing to get the things done. People take this as default. If everybody understands the message what maharaj is teaching then we will have Ram rajya. Thanks for sharing this article.

  • krishang

    “leaders are not God conscious, they are not ruling on behalf of God. They are ruling on behalf of their own pride”very true

  • hrishikesh mafatlal

    It is not a coincidence that a huge increase in corruption has happened along with a huge decrease in values and morals in society.

  • Anil Timbe

    Many people have desire to do good to others. But they do not know what to do. Here Radhanath Swami is so nicely describing how if we become God conscious then we’ll be doing good to all.

  • Manish Raikundalia

    Radhanath Maharaj has so nicely pointed out the cause for corruption.

  • It takes so much to actually be a good leader. So many people depend on the leader in so many ways. Especially as Radhanath Swami is pointing here, if the leader is not God conscious, then only anarchy results.

  • swapnil

    Excellent article by Radhanath Swami. A must read for all the political leader

  • Mangesh Kulkarni

    With Radhanath Swami, we don’t need to tax our brain. So wonderful and perfect still utterly simple

  • Radhanath Swami emphasized how the leaders of this current society should be and how society and dependents can flourish while keeping God in the center.

  • Meera Sharma

    Prabhupad took so much pain to cultivate Brahmans(learned, intelligent class) from all over the world. His disciples following his foot steps doing the same. So if we have leaders who are guided by Brahmans then only there can be peace in the society.Maharajah explained so clearly we need God Conscious leader to have a peaceful society.

  • mukund

    inspiring example

  • Aman Jain

    Radhanath Swami has described the characterstics of ideal leader based upon Vedic scriptures.

  • krishang

    very well said,thank you maharaj

  • Girish

    Radhanath Swami has cited an ideal explain to explain a ideal lifestyle.

  • suresh kanakraj

    leaders are the servants of the society and of the peoples hence first of all leaders should be god conscious only then the people in general will be happy practising spirituality,all leaders should follow the instructions of radhanath swami,

  • Y.Raja Shekar

    The guru of Radhanath swami said “A king is supposed to be the representative of God”. But unfortunately in today’s world no leader is God cosnscious and hence can not give justice to their dependents. “We never heard Sun taking bribe” This statement of Radhanath Swami is very hilarious.

  • Ravi Garg

    We pary that all the leaders of the society takes to advise of Radhanath Swami & selflessly serve the people as a service to God……

  • Aishwarya

    Radhanath Swami beautifully explains the ideal distribution of the taxes through the analogy of the clouds distribution of rain in the needy places.

  • Sanjay S

    We can see from Radhanath Swami’s statement, how far we are from the ideal situation.

  • samir paleja

    Perfect description of reality!

  • Renuka

    So true!! Today our country is going through lots of political problem cause our great leaders are not god consious and have become servants of their own false pride and false ego.

  • B.J. ARORA

    Radhanath Swami talks well about the exploitation that is going on currently.

  • Yudhisthira

    In the present context of India thoughts of Radhanath Swami come as very important instructions.

  • the examples of sun-rain and taxes is very nicely explained with a need of taking guidence from authority .

  • Balaji

    When the leaders of the society are properly trained in Krishna Consciousness, then all the problems of society can be solved as they rule on behalf of God.

  • Sheetal Maheshwari

    Often people don’t believe that systematic training in God Consciousness can help solve all the problems of the world. This article so clearly explains one such aspect.

  • prashant v

    this is very true today the leadership position is accepted to enjoy the facilities not to serve the common mass, as Maharaj has enlightened us that because of not receiving proper guidance from authorized guides they are simply using the extracted money for their selfish and egoistic purposes that has caused havoc in society.

  • Sandeep Kamat

    It is so true what Radhanath Swami is saying. What we really lack are God-conscious leaders today. When a person is God-conscious he develops all the good qualities and also he is selfless.
    God conscious leaders is what the society needs today.

  • Raj Chopra

    Radhanath Swami has explained the impact of a God conscious leader on society and vice versa.

    Some day we hope to see such a God conscious leader and I am sure his countrymen will be happy , grateful and God loving citizens.

  • Siddeshwar Bhat

    I have read in the Srimad Bhagavatam about ideal Kings. Kings like Yudhistir, Bharath and Parikshit. They lived by the same principles as Radhanath Swami is pointing herein