Anything Good Entails a Struggle to Preserve

Anything good entails

There’s always a battle between the higher and lower natures, both within the hearts of every living entity and the external world. For example, our virtuous or spiritual nature is always under attack by our lower nature. Propensity to do good activities is always under attack by propensity to commit selfish activities. Except for a paramahamsa (a liberated soul), there’s always this battle within the heart of every living entity.

Anything good entails a struggle to preserve. We can understand this in context of the virtue of humility. Both from within and without, the false ego is attacking. Sometimes we recognize the attack because it is grossly obvious but at other times even if we don’t know what is happening, at a subtle level,  we take sides with either the good or bad  influences.

In this battle of life against material energy, to attain and preserve goodness within our lives, we must be ever vigilant and always on guard  to ensure that we are not exploited and defeated.

– Radhanath Swami