When the Supreme Controller becomes Controlled

70 Supreme Controller
The path of bhakti is supreme. When you love Krishna, Krishna agrees to be conquered by that love. Actually it is not that He just plays a game. He is actually conquered by the love of His devotees while simultaneously He is the Supreme conqueror of everything.

Krishna is mugdha, at the same time sarvajna. Mugdha means Krishna, by His ownsweet will, becomes bewildered when Yashodamayi is punishing Him. He is actually crying; He is actually fearful; He is not just playing a game. That is how He, by His own sweet will, comes under the control of the love of His devotee, and at the same time, He is sarvajna, He is all-knowing. He is reciprocating with the devotees in this world, by giving them mercy. That is the inconceivable nature of Krishna. That is the inconceivable nature of bhakti.

– Radhanath Swami