Radhanath Swami on ‘Unity is Strength’

The topic of unity has been pondered, reflected, and pursued since time immemorial—how to create unity within this world? One of the greatest powers in all fields of life is unity. But there is a fundamental problem: there are so many diversified distinctions between living beings…

Radhanath Swami explains how yoga means unity

What is the meaning of yoga? Yoga means unity. What is the meaning of religion? Religion comes from the Greek word religio, which means “to bind back, to be in harmony, to be in unity.” Every living being has a body, a mind and a consciousness. The consciousness is the energy emanating from the …

Radhanath Swami on Real Unity

Real unity

Unity of individual souls is very difficult in this world. There have been many attempts, but as long as we have separate interests our unity is superficial, artificial and has no real substance.Take for example the United Nations…

Work In Unity With God

Radhanath Swami on Work in unity with GOd

There is a need for everyone’s contribution in society. But real need is that everyone performs his or her natural quality of work in unity with the will of God, in devotion to Krishna. Through that process, there is inner contentment; there is a dignity of spirituality that brings true