Work as an act of worship by Radhanath Swami

Our whole life should be an act of worship. We should aim for spiritual purification in order to have this consciousness 24 hours a day. While remembering God offer every word, every act and every thought to Him. The perfection of life is when God accepts that love. This is what great devotees of the Lord throughout history have prayed for. They do not want any power; they simply pray, ‘O Lord! Please accept my love and devotion.’ Because they have purity of purpose, all their actions are in active compassion for entire humanity.

By Radhanath Swami


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  • Gurrappanaidu

    Instructive article

    Sincere prayer is ‘O Lord! Please accept my love and devotion.’

    Thank you so much Maharaj for being enlighten us always.

  • Swapnil Gaonkar

    Thank you Radhanath Swami for showing us the right path and right attitude

  • Sanjiv Chandnani

    HH radhanath Swami out of his compaasion & love is trying to enlighten us with these ectarian messages. We are very grateful

  • Jagdish Majethiya

    Thank you so much Maharaj for this insightful article on remembering God by offering every word, every act and every thought to Him.

  • Gautam Daswani

    very nice and inspirational article

  • ravi

    All glories to H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj

  • Aishwarya

    Radhanath Swami give a wonderful import to the phrase, ‘Work is worship”i.e. He really explains how to work in such a way that it becomes a part of worship.

  • Ashwani

    This is the essence of spiritual life to be able to dedicate our consciousness completely in the service of the lord. Such a wonderful explanation.

  • Yogita Jagannathan

    If one makes these teachings as the purpose of one’s life – how to somehow or the other please the Lord, then one’s life is sure to be sucessful. Thank you Radhanath Swami.

  • viraj

    Thank You for sharing this. His Holiness Radhanath Swami has stated how purity of purpose in ones actions, words and thoughts determines the quality of one’s worship.

  • sharad

    Thank you posting. Hare Krishna…

  • rajesh lad

    This is just lovely !

  • Vishnupriya

    thank u

  • rajesh jogani

    Very nice explanation of how one should live every day.

  • umesh

    Radhanath Swami Maharaj very nicely explains how one could be 24 hours a day God conscious

  • umesh

    Radhanath Swami Maharaj very nicely explains how one could be 24 hours a day god conscious.

  • Sujit Mehta

    Keep it simple, Radhanath Swamis articles offer solutions to the mess we have created ‘UP THERE’ in our minds.

  • Dipti Gaikwad

    So difficult to implement! But by the expert guidance of Radhanath Swami, it is possible.

  • suresh

    Thanks Maharaj for remembering that we should always remember the Lord. That is the essense of Spiritual.

  • vineeta

    wonderful,thank you

  • Ramya

    Radhanath Swami Maharajs instructions have the potency to awaken the devotional service in our hearts.

  • Manish Raikundalia

    Nice thought. Life can be so simple if lived in this consciousness. Thanks Maharaj.

  • Shyam Bihari Das

    Maharaj, please empower us so that we may live by your instructions. Hari Bol!

  • anil manga

    Thank you Maharaj

  • kumar

    Amazing words. I hope I can implement it in my own life.

  • anjanadri

    Thanks to Radhanath swami for reminding us that we need to remember God at every step of our life.

  • Phani

    Radhanath Swami Maharaj’s life is an mirror for this. He is a living example for that.

  • Deepak

    Thanks you so much for sharing.

  • Purity of purpose is so hard to achieve in our conditioned existence. Cause it is so much drilled into us to see what we will get back for anything and everything that we do.
    Only an enlightened pure soul like Radhanath Swami can give us good directions here…

  • nisha

    thnks so much Maharaj for teaching in what mood we should work.

  • Rajesh

    thank you swami ji for showing us the way to love GOD.

  • Ravi Garg

    Nowadays people pray for material desires only……but real prayer as Radhanath Swami said should be ‘O Lord! Please accept my love and devotion.’

  • Vijay Mathias

    A very sublime process to practice devotional service! A brilliant passage.

  • sandeep kaimal

    very useful and practical comment by swamiji

  • Manish Advani

    This is the highest perfection of life not ranking in forbes top 100 list of billionaires Radhanath Swami is showing us the path to achieve real wealth.

  • Ramya

    Radhanath Swami Maharaj has given the guide to transform our consciousness.

  • Navin Poojary

    Radhanth Swami has so wonderfully explained the fact when we turn our work focus to Worship our heart becomes purified and our heart thus being filled with love we simply engage in always serving God

  • Anand

    great lesson in how we should be conscious of God 24 hours a day

  • rakhi Manik

    Maharaj explains so nicely how are consciousness should be the entire day always thinking and worshipping the lord

  • Satish Iyer

    Motivational passage indeed…

  • Girish

    Wow! Radhanath Swami has spoken such a beautiful explaination of “Work is Worship” philosophy that most people is India believe in.

  • Sumit

    Love between living entities and Lord is eternal and all blissful. Radhanath Swami has elaborated that very well here.

  • Prahalad Kaul

    Radhanath Swami reveals what should be the aspirations of a devotee.

  • Manish Chadha

    Profound principles spoken in such easy and concise manner.. True Eloquence. Thank you Radhanath Swami Maharaj

  • Mangesh Kulkarni

    Nicely put together

  • Pradeep Kumar

    Thank you very much Radhanath swami maharaj for this wonderful lesson.

  • krishang

    wonderful,thank you maharaj

  • Y.Raja Shekar

    Thank you Radhanath Swami for giving clear understanding on the spirit of work as worship.

  • mukund

    thank you very much maharaj

  • Sanath Shetty

    It is very difficult for a common person untrained in higher truths of life to understand what is the real goal of life & how to lead a life towards it.
    Various ritualistic following(with selfish motives) and mental speculation on this matter have caused havoc in lives of people.

    Some of us very fortunate to come across a bonafide vedic teacher HH Radhanath Swami, who is giving simple solution to connecte to highest Spiritual truths

  • Vidya Patham

    Throughout history we see that pure souls have prayed selflessly for the benefit of humankind. Here Radhanath Swami makes it easier for us to understand this and also learn to pray selflessly.

  • bipin

    All GLories To H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj

    This is such an wonderful expression of what a aspiring devotees life should be like.

    Hare Krishna

  • Arsh kHanna

    Thank you Maharaj for explaining goal of life

  • Y.Raja Shekar

    This is the difference between great souls like Radhanath Swami and ordinary people like me. Radhanath Swami is always in this prayerful mood and also in equal harmony with avery living entity seeing them with equal vision as part and parcels of Lord. Radhanath Swami says elsewhere, one can not be loving God and hating or behaving in a disharmonous way at the same time.

  • Manasa

    Nice Article!!! Now a days praying is like gaining for something. But here H.H.Radhanath Swami makes us to wake up and see the real attitude to pray or devotion to the Lord

  • Meera Sharma

    Maharajah is reminding us that all our activities(by word,action or deed) should be God centered, and this is only possible when we are always conscious of God. We should only one desire– to please the Lord by our activities.

  • Vinay Rachh

    Very nice article

  • Shantipur Nath das

    thank you very much

  • sagar wadekar

    We must aim for this state.. thanks Maharaj… JAI !!!

  • Manish Parmar

    Radhanath Swami has nicely explained to us how are consciousness should be while we carry out our daily activities.

  • Siddeshwar Bhat

    Radhanath Swami at his very spiritual best….even in this small para…

  • Milind M Churi

    This is how one can implement teachings of the Bhagvad-Gita in his/her personal life.Thank you Radhnath Swami for guiding all those who want to perfect their existence.Thanks for sharing,

  • Uday

    There is a saying ‘Work is worship’.This proverb is often used by people to justify their working like donkey for accumulation of wealth. Here Radhanath Swami is teaching us what we should work for.

  • Karthick S.B.

    This is truly Bhagavad gita in action!!

  • Raj Narang

    Thank you Maharaj for everything.

  • mona

    v nicely explained.

  • Thank you for inspiring

  • Krishna

    It is a very nice article enlightening us about how to perform work in the right mood. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vinay Malani

    Radhanath Swami has very nicely elaborated upon the actual essence of the phrase – ‘Work is worship’.

  • Mukund Anand Das

    When a new sadhaka hears for the first time, of contenious devotional service, it’s a bit diffucult. But here HH Radhanath Swami shows, how can householder like us practice this. Thanks Radhanath Swami….

  • sunil

    we have seen this example in our isckon. Srila prabhupada and now all the sprititual masters are exmplifying this conciousness. thank you for ur guaidance maharaj.

  • seema

    It seems impossible but when we look at Maharaj ,he is a living example of this instruction

  • Piyush Singh

    Thank you Radhanath Swami for this very true instruction. By seeing you as an example we can understand that it is possible with appropriate cultivation under right guidance. Thank you.

  • Vaishali Kamat

    Radhanath Swami’s own life story is a classic example to prove this point.

  • hrishikesh mafatlal

    Radhanath Swami is suggesting that we should mould our lives around the principle of remembering God through every action, word and deed.

  • Anita Iyer

    This is a brilliant article. Three points made a great impact on me:
    Our life should be an act of worship
    Perfection of life is when God accepts that love
    When there’s purity of purpose, our actions are an act of compassion for all living entities.

  • Vishvesh

    It looks so hard to be in such a consciousness.

  • Nancy

    Beautiful. Wishing one day I can offer real love to the Lord.

  • Abhijit Toley

    Its a deep revelation that the success in when the Lord accepts our love and devotion. Thus, real devotion means to be so sincere and pure at heart that the Lord is attracted. And this sincerity and purity manifests as love and compassion for all. Brilliant analysis! Another Radhanath Swami special!

  • Sujit Mehta

    Hey ! Man I don’t know too much, but Life is to be lived King size, so make the most of it, don’t bother and worry too much. These and many more similar retorts are so often heard.

    The very same retorts if pondered upon seriously should be enough to make us realize the urgency with which we need to seek and evolve ourselves spiritually. Words are not enough to express heartfelt gratitude to Radhanath Swami for his words of wisdom which are like a lifeline to a drowning person.

  • CS Sandeep Shinde

    Thank you very much Radhanath Maharaj for showing us how to work in god consciousness.

  • Thanks to Radhanath Swami for encouraging us to dedicate our lives for the pleasure of the Lord.