Radhanath Swami’s Article on Love Gives, Greed Takes

People are passing out of colleges with all sorts of big, wonderful, fancy degrees but they are greedy. They use all of their big education simply to fulfill their greed. Their greed is never satisfied; they are frustrated and make a mess out of the society. Is that what we want?

Our consciousness by nature is eternal, full of knowledge and full of joy. In a real joyful state based on truth, there can be no greed. Those with real joy and love only want to share that joy and love with everyone else. The nature of love is to give; the nature of greed is to take. The real pleasure is in giving the love of our hearts. That love is already in our hearts. But our consciousness is impure. We are not aware of who we are.

Through the process of purification, our consciousness becomes clear; it becomes transparent. Through that transparent consciousness, we can experience God at every moment. And when we perceive that God at every moment, we realize–not that we feel or we believe or we  think–that whether someone calls that God Allah or Jehovah or Krishna or Rama or Buddha—God is the supreme object of love and the source of all that exists.