Good Health or Disease

Every part of a healthy body is serving the whole body. The eyes are directing the rest of the body, the hands are supplying to the rest of the body, the stomach is bringing nourishment to the rest of the body, the nose is bringing oxygen to the rest of the body, etc. Every healthy cell of the body is serving the whole body. That is good health. Now what is disease? Disease is when selfish germs or cells—entities that are egoistic—enter the body.

Take Cancer for an example. While all the healthy and good cells are living for the whole body and are supplying for the whole body, cancer cell is living for itself. It’s eating the other cells; it’s fighting a war against the rest of the body. And ultimately, if those selfish cells become stronger and stronger, the cells that are working together for the whole body are killed and the body dies.

The World is like a body. And when we have human beings who are greedy, selfish and egoistic, they are like cancer cells in this body and they are creating havoc (for example, the environmental crisis.) There can be prosperity only when everyone works to feed the ‘stomach.’ And the Vedic scriptures explain that the ‘stomach’ of the creation is God.

By Radhanath Swami