Ultimate Solution to all Problems

The highest of all solutions to all problems is to understand our origin. Who are we? Who is our origin? What is our origin? We should find answers to these questions, and live in harmony with that.

The Vedanta Sutra is the summary study of all the Vedas, and its first verse says, athato brahma jijnaasa: Now that you have taken this rare and special human life it is time to enquire about the absolute truth.” And its next verse is janmaady asya yato: “The absolute truth is from whom everything emanates.” The Ishopanishad explains, om puurnam adah puurnam idam: “The absolute truth is the complete whole which is perfect and complete and all emanations and everything about the absolute truth is perfect and complete.” So from the Vedas we find that the absolute truth or God is the one factor common to all of us. He is the common centre.  When we learn to recognize that and live in harmony with this understanding, we can actually create harmony within the world. And what is our relationship with the absolute truth? We are servants of Krishna or God, and we are meant to serve Him.

by Radhanath Swami