Radhanath Swami urges us to see beyond superficial designations

see within the heart

Lord Sri Krishna descended into this world as Lord Chaitanya about 500 years ago. One day the devotees were performing an abhishekam for him in Srivas Angam in Navadvip Dham. All the great mahants and famous devotees, they were singing hymns, offering flowers and putting the abhishekam upon the Lord; they were in an exalted position, doing an exalted service.

Radhanath Swami on Relationships

Radhanath Swami on relationships

“Feelings of affection may come and go, but as foundational, there should be respect for each other and care for each other.” – Radhanath Swami Physically we care for each other by providing with necessities: housing, clothing, health and other physical needs. But emotional care is also very essential: we …

Radhanath Swami compares God to a power house

God is like a power house, electrical powerhouse. And we are all like different light bulbs. There are 50 watt light bulbs, 100 watt light bulbs, 500 watt light bulbs, 1000 watt light; according to our gunas, according to our karmas, and according to our perseverance, we may be very small light bulbs or we may be very great light bulbs …