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Radhanath Swami on Applying spirituality..

Radhanath Swami on  Applying spirituality..

How can we apply spirituality to our lives? The first and most important thing explained in all the great scriptures of the world is the absolute necessity of association of saintly persons on a regular basis.  Whatever we associate with our consciousness assimilates those qualities. We put an iron rod in fire, it becomes red hot.  We put an iron rod in ice, it becomes ice cold.  If we associate with saintly people, our values become virtuous.  Our desire to live in harmony with God becomes natural.  If we associate with sinful, greedy, materialistic people, we become polluted in consciousness by those qualities.  Of course in world often times we are bound to associate with such people.  What can we do?  Just like if we are going in a diseased area, we take inoculations, so that we will not be affected by that disease.  To regularly associate with God’s devotees, with people who are truly and genuinely and honestly pursuing spiritual values in life will give us a spiritual strength by which we can go into the world and maintain our God consciousness.  Vedic scriptures explain that by regularly associating with saintly people and hearing the truth of God, all impurities in our hearts are cleansed.

– Radhanath Swami

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