Radhanath Swami Compares Faith with Science

Some people think that faith is inferior to what we call as science. But no one can live for even a moment without faith. Every time we breathe there is an unconscious faith in us that our inhalation is going to nourish us with oxygen. Faith is involved even in the most common things in life; for example, you came here and you had faith you will arrive, though factually many people do not arrive. Every time we drive on a car, we have faith that we will live to our next destination. Even the scientists have faith; they have faith in other scientists in what they have discovered. One time the people thought that the world was flat. They had faith in their scientists then. Later it was ‘proved’ that the world was round, and so now we have faith in our present scientists.

Mahatma Gandhi. How many of you have met him? But how many of you do not believe that he ever existed? We have faith that he existed, though we never saw him, we never touched him. We have faith in people who saw him and we have faith in books. So everybody has faith.

By Radhanath Swami