Radhanath Swami – God is the Doer

Our work is pure when we realize we are not the doer, but are an instrument in the hands of God to do His will.  As long as we think ‘I am the doer of good work’ we become proud; then it becomes contaminated.

God is the doer.  If God did not give me the air could I breathe?  If God did not give the sun could I see?  If God did not give the rain could I drink water, could I eat food?  If God did not give the earth could I survive?  Everything that we are made of is a gift of God.  No scientist, no forefather has created what we are surviving on: the sunlight, the air, the rain, the earth, the food grains, and our very body.  Our mother and father did not produce this body.  They were just instruments.  It is not that our father invented semen by his own intelligence.  God invented this.  God put the seed of life within that semen and the father is just the instrument of God to put the semen in the mother.  God made the womb.  The womb was not made by the mother. Mother’s womb is an instrument of God to let that seed that He planted grow.  God has given us birth.  God has made every hair on our head, every pore on our body.  He has created it all and everything we require to sustain our lives. He is giving us as gift. He is everything.  He is doing everything.

By Radhanath Swami