Peace is within, not without by Radhanath Swami

I have seen people who live in beautiful apartments worth sometimes 5 – 6 million dollars. They have security guards and chauffeurs, but they can’t even sleep at night. They are so frustrated that they have to take sleeping pills just to forget the reality of their life. Yet society has duped them in such a crazy manner that they think they are successful and everybody should be like them.

Is this what we want?

If we find peace within ourself—whether we are beggar on the street or the prime minister—we will find peace and love everywhere and will do good for all according to our capacity. If we cannot find peace and joy within our own heart, we have nothing really very valuable to share with anybody.


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  • sneha

    Thank you for such a nice article. It shows the harsh reality of today’s world and also shows the means to attain contentment.

  • surekha

    This is exactly true Radhanath swami.

  • vaishali kamat

    Radhanath Swami has mentioned the truth. We get the real eternal peace when we serve the Lord unconditionally.

  • abhijeet

    Wonderful articles..Lectures of HH Radhanath swami are all wonderful

  • mona

    So true! so much to learn from these realisations.Thank you

  • Srinivas Acharya Das

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful article. In a world filled with negativity and starving for information that can inspire and rejuvenate the soul, these articles helps a lot.

  • Vani

    You have money or not there is no peace. B’coz somewhere or other man is craving for real love and peace, which is only in service of lotus feet of Guru Maharaj, as he gives you Sri Sri RadhaGopinath’s love.

  • Vijay Mathias

    That is a very realizations! Thank you for sharing

  • rasamrita devi dasi

    Thank you maharaj for such deep realizations

  • Girish

    Awesome realizations are shared here by the author.

  • Girish

    This article is practically applicable and so apt.

  • deepti chhabria

    thanks for this wonderful article

  • Nitin Korlekar

    Dear Gurudev,
    you are the source of inspiration for all of us.
    You have shown us the correct marg of Bhakti to go back to godhead.

  • How true are the words of H. H. Radhanath Maharaj. His every moments of Photographs and Quotes speaks entire Srimad Bhagavatam.

  • Vishvesh

    How true it is!!!
    That’s why Srimad Bhagavatam says “If you want save your self from clutches of Maya, you must surrender to Spiritual Master.”

  • Renuka Vora

    So very true!! World would be better place to live if we follow the normal rules of life rather then imitating few fools ! Jai to Maharaj for giving us true picture.

  • Kashyap Ramakrishnan

    It’s so nice that even if it is not possible to have personal association of Maharaj, we can imbibe the qualities he wants us to have by keeping in touch though transcriptions of his lectures

  • ananda lila das

    Maharaj, Please bless me

  • sunil

    thanks maharaj it is very inspiring! every one is looking peace outside and not within. very true . hari bol .

  • Padmaja Morisetty

    Yes, only if more and more people can understand what maharaj is saying, we wouldn’t have so many psychological issues in the society.

  • vina

    Yes! true. Who will speak of peace other than H H Radhanath Swami from within???????????????? Jai Gurudev!

  • CA.Jignesh Rajput

    Wonderful articles..Lectures of HH Radhanath swami are all wonderful

  • Radhanath Swami Maharaj all articles, messages, quotes are very transparent ….we may all glorify these but what i feel is he will be more pleased when we try to imbibe all his messages and quotes within ourselves and practice this by understanding the importance of it.

  • bhakti

    ” Great people always feel that they need help though they don’t,
    People, who badly need help think they are great – RADHANATH SWAMI

    We thank you for your nectars of wisdom! Bhakti Karia

  • satish singh

    He is a great saint, I meet him in mumbai by seeing him only one will feel purity in himself. By see him only one can feel satisfaction. That was my experience.

  • Ravi Sinha

    Maharaj has always been guiding all the devotees with his deep philosophical insight . All the Vaishanava etiquettes are manifested in him.His wisdom and conviction has been a source of our spiritual sustenance.

  • Ravi Sinha

    Radhanath Swami Maharaj – Inspiration and magnanimity personified- A true and honest spiritual icon and leader for the whole world.

  • bipin

    Truly sagacious. Hare Krishna !

  • N.Ahluwalia

    Radhanath Swami is great inspirational leader. Hari Bol.

  • Anant

    So wonderful. we have to preserve invaluable maharajs teaching which helps us to reach ultimate destination

  • Sunil

    We should find peace first within ourselves then we will find it in the hearts of everybody.

  • Shikhar Maheshwari

    As a rule, man is a fool. That which we are to search inside, we search outside. Thank you for your wonderful power-packed words of wisdom.

  • Pravin D Gawas

    Radhanath Swami has turerly inbibed the principles of vaishnavism, and thus he can speak with such conviction. hari Bol

  • Nitin

    Wonderful !! Where there is law there should be a law maker . I truly agree . How beautifully Radhanath Swami has explained the existence of God .
    I have read more about him on

  • Rajesh

    Maharaj’s words are surcharged with deep wisdom. This wisdom and insight is found in all of his lectures and teachings.

  • sunil

    very true. just b following these and many other beautiful messages and implementing it our major disease of depression will go away. for more quotes visit

  • Virendra Singh Chouhan

    A true devotee of the lord seeks happiness within and a matrialist seeks it outside. HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj always been a light house to all of us. You can read more from & about him on or

  • Darshan Mehta

    Amazing observation! Completely breaks through any of our mental conceptions of becoming happy in this world.

  • Nikhil Wadhwa

    Maharaj’s words are surcharged with deep wisdom. This wisdom and insight is found in all of his lectures and teachings.

  • Billion of dollars cannot give us ounce of peace of mind.

  • Sukirti Madhavi

    How true…very inspiring. All glories to Maharaj (