Radhanath Swami explains how yoga means unity

What is the meaning of yoga? Yoga means unity. What is the meaning of religion? Religion comes from the Greek word religio, which means “to bind back, to be in harmony, to be in unity.” Every living being has a body, a mind and a consciousness. The consciousness is the energy emanating from the …

The Peace Prayer

What is the true nature of peace? Peace is not simply the absence of war. Peace must exist within us first, then, we can give it to others and create a world of peace. We live in a time when our lives are disturbed, our environment is polluted, our relationships are distorted by …

Prayer for Universal Well Being

The highest prayer is the prayer to become a selfless instrument in God’s hands. As Saint Francis prayed, “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.” He prayed not to receive, but to give; to be freed of all selfishness and to be filled with selflessness. He prayed to be the servant. He prayed to see…

Real Happiness – Radhanath Swami

Real self happiness

First of all we must know that in our own life our real happiness is not in chasing temporary illusions of this world, but rather is in finding true peace in the self. But that is not enough because the real happiness of that peace is…

Radhanath Swami on Real Unity

Real unity

Unity of individual souls is very difficult in this world. There have been many attempts, but as long as we have separate interests our unity is superficial, artificial and has no real substance.Take for example the United Nations…

Radhanath Swami – Enjoy Eternal Peace

Radhanath Swami - Enjoy eternal peace

There is temporary mental peace of material world and there is the eternal peace of the spiritual world. That is what God wants every one of His children to enjoy. It comes to the extent that we surrender to Him. The illusion in the world is to

Radhanath Swami – Love and Peace

Radhanath Swami on Love and peace

Recently some one told me that they were meditating and they were finding great peace in this meditation. I told them this is very nice, but this not at all what we want. We do not care for peace. We want love. The perfection of life is not simply a neutral condition of peace, but love. Love means