Radhanath Swami On ‘Forgetfulness of Love of Godhead’

47 forgetfullness Love for godhead

“Love of God is dormant in everyone’s heart, but we have forgotten it. All problems and conflicts in the world are due to this forgetfulness.” – Radhanath Swami

Our minds and senses have become so externalized that the treasure of love for/of God within our hearts has been forgotten.

If we forget something that we have, it is as good as not having it. If we have millions of rupees in our bank account but have forgotten about it, then it is as good as not having it with the result that we might have to sleep on streets like poor people although that money belongs to us.

However, there’s a way to overcome such forgetfulness of our love for/of God. By associating with holy people, by chanting God’s name, by living a humble and grateful life, our love for God is re-awakened in our hearts. When this love for God re-awakens in our hearts, then the quality of compassion awakens and we want to share that love of God with others. Compassion is the natural by-product of love for/ of God.

– Radhanath Swami