Knowledge Comes but Wisdom Lingers

82 Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers

It’s a philosophical truth that whoever we are, there is always someone who can create great damage to whatever we have and whatever we stand for.

The Vedic scriptures explain that the demigods, administrative controllers of various departments like rain, light, air, etc., are the wealthiest, most powerful and influential beings in this material creation. But since they are also in the realm of material world their life is not problem-free. The vedic scriptures declare padam padam yat vipadam: there is danger at every step. Krishna declares in Bhagavad Gita dukhalayam asashvata: this world is temporary and
a place full of miseries. These powerful personalities, the demigods, are regularly attacked by demoniac and evil forces. In such circumstances they realize their vulnerable condition and turn to God for shelter. But though these demigods are knowledgeable and wise, due to being caught up in complexities of this world their knowledge (of taking shelter of God) gets covered at times. That is, they understand this principle of shelter theoretically, but practically they don’t.

Now this problem is not just with the demigods. Each one of us faces this challenge in our lives. We may hear from great souls, we may read scriptures, we may learn from our parents—and understand what is right and wrong; but when it comes to a real situation, we may forget all that we have learnt. The circumstances around us, the passion of trying to deal with the world and our own desires to fulfill and protect what we have covers that knowledge. When we hear a spiritual discourse we may feel we already know it, but when we go into our real lives we usually forget it. What is the use of knowledge if we do not practice it in our real lives?

– Radhanath Swami