Forgiveness, Love and Leadership

50 Forgiveness love Radhanath SwamiWhen you have a grudge against someone or when you hate someone, if you introspect, you’ll find that the whole experience is burning your heart; it’s burning your consciousness; it’s painful, it’s contaminating. But as soon as you are able to forgive, you are liberated from that. Forgiveness is actually a beautiful, holistic experience for the heart. But how do we experience this? Unless we have a philosophy of life by which we understand what is the truth, who we are, and what is really,truly meaningful, fulfilling and worth striving for in our lives, what is really worth giving to others in our lives, it’s difficult to experience it.

Sometimes we find that very popular leaders become cheaters, they become hypocrites. Why?Because their understanding is all theoretical, it is all academic. They know what’s right, but they don’t really have a higher philosophy and science based on actual truth to support it. So self-realization and enlightenment are the basis of a life of real prosperity. Such a life is a life of meaningfulness, of fulfilment; it’s a life of love. If we don’t learn how to love in our life, then everything else we do is empty and superficial. Because the heart wants love; the heart doesn’t want money, the heart doesn’t want beautiful women or handsome men. The heart is looking for love. But attaining that love is not a sentimental disposition; it’s a science, it’s a philosophy.

So, the most critical technique for proper living is to understand the nature of the self. Understand the nature of who we are; understand the nature of karma; understand how we do everything, how we speak, what we are responsible for. To understand the goal of life, of what we really want to strive for—that is the truth that should be the foundation of our lives.

By Radhanath Swami