Radhanath Swami on the Incredible Discovery of his Life

The most incredible discovery of my life was the simple truth that all of our desires—with the complex longings, gratifications, and frustrations—have a single origin: forgetfulness of the love for God that is dormant within our hearts. Finding that love is our greatest need because it brings true fulfillment and that love can empower us to be instruments of a positive change within the world beyond our imagination.

Some years ago, I met mother Teresa at Calcutta. She told me that the greatest problem in the world is hunger—not hunger of the belly but hunger of the heart. People are lonely; people are emotionally starving and are trying to fill it with so many other things. But the only thing that could nourish the heart is the love for God. She told me that she knows some of the wealthiest people of the world in New York, London, Sydney, Los Angeles, etc. She saw they were ‘starving.’ Therefore, the greatest service, the greatest welfare activity one can do in the world is to feed the hunger of the heart with God’s love.