Radhanath Swami – Love is reciprocal

If we do not feel loved, it is probably because we are not showing love. If we do not feel respect, it is probably we are not showing respect. Human nature is that people reciprocate with what we give them. If we are impersonal toward others, then most people will be very impersonal to us. If we do not show care and affection for others, then they will probably ignore us. That is human nature. So many people say, “Nobody loves me. Everybody is so impersonal.” But I have not found anyone who extends himself to be caring, loving and affectionate towards others, and yet not receive love from others. How we behave toward others will withdraw certain qualities. If we insult others, we draw out their anger. If we praise others, we are going to draw out their pride. If we are affectionate to others, we can draw out whatever affection is within their hearts. In giving, we receive.

By Radhanath Swami