Compassion – Radhanath Swami

Great souls feel compassion for the suffering of living beings. They do not see anything in an impersonal way. To the degree we love God to that degree we’ve a spirit of compassion.  Some people are compassionate to their family. If you expand that love more, then it may extend to your relatives or to your community, or to your nation or to humanity. But as your love expands, it extends to every living being. The greater the love, the greater it is expanding to more and more of God’s children. And when you actually love God then you have love for every living entity because you see everyone as part and parcel of God and the pain of any living being affects your heart. That is compassion, and if the great souls did not have that compassion, they would have no business of coming to this world of birth and death.

By Radhanath Swami