Fixing the Mind on the Deity – Radhanath Swami

posting many letters to red british postbox on street

There is a need to keep our mind fixed on God. It’s wonderful to do so, and there is a practical way—the Deity of the Lord.  When we offer our respect to the Deity in the temple, that Deity accepts it. Just like if we want to send a letter somewhere, we put it in the proper postbox and it will get there.  The Deity is like the postbox for God.  He is receiving our love in that form.  The Lord is in the spiritual world and the same Lord is manifesting through His energy, His omnipresence.  We are fulfilling our loving service by simply offering respect to the ‘postbox’ of the Deity.  Then our love and prayers are getting delivered to God, who is simultaneously present both in His kingdom and in between every atom.

Chanting the name of God is the most sublime process.  If it is possible set up a little temple in your home. If it is not, still the name of God can be worshipped in the temple of your heart.

By Radhanath Swami