Eating, sleeping, mating and defending

Dogs are running on four legs, and humans are running on four wheels. What is the difference? Just going from one place to another for sense-gratification. The hogs and the dogs are having sex in the gutters, while men take ladies out for nice dinners in expensive restaurant and then take them to fancy hotels. The business is the same. The pleasure is the same. In fact it is probably more pleasurable for the hog; hogs don’t have to worry about their hearts having broken and singing sad songs. They just enjoy  with no complication whatsoever.

First we had bows and arrows, then guns, then bombs, then airplanes to drop those bombs. Just to defend man is building so many big weapons.  Whereas, the tiger has his teeth and claws to defend. What is the difference?

People are working so hard to have a nice place to sleep. Now people have special heated, padded, electrical, super vibrating water beds to relax at night. Wealthy people spend thousands and thousands of dollars just for a bed and they are in so much anxiety making that money that even on their water bed they can’t sleep. They have to take sleeping pills. And the dogs and the cats are very nicely sleeping on the floor.

Trying to develop a more complicated form of eating, sleeping, mating and defending is not human life. If people do not take to self-realization then these people are nothing more than two-legged animals.

By Radhanath Swami