The Spiritual World

In the spiritual world all walking is dancing, all speaking is singing; everyone is for all of eternity in bliss, united with one function – to just give pleasure to Sri Sri Radha and Krishna; such a wonderful world!

There is only love. Any propensity other than love cannot exist in the spiritual world. There is unlimited variety, but they are all extraordinarily wonderful ways of expressing love. Even anger in the spiritual world is just a very, very pleasing way of expressing love. Nothing exists except love. Our bodies are made out of love and our minds are made out of love. Every tree, every plant, every person, the sky—it is all made out of love. It is all pervading love and love is reciprocated because everything is personal in the spiritual world and the nature of the soul in its pure state is to love Krishna.

Love it not selfish, love is always selfless; love is always with the concern of the welfare and the happiness of the beloved; love is a state of complete and unconditional giving of every aspect of our very existence for the pleasure of the object of our love within and without. There is not even the slightest inclination other than to please Radha and Krishna for those who have love. In that ecstatic trance everyone is in complete unity. The diversity of that unity is something very pleasing and extraordinary, but at the same time everyone is in complete unity because they know that’s the way to please Krishna.

By Radhanath Swami