How does the holy name purify us?


It is not that we are just chanting the holy names and therefore we are getting purified. We should understand how we are gettingpurified and why we are getting purified.

Because Krishna is non-different from His name, Krishna’s name has sweet will. It is not just a sound vibration. It is God who has incarnated in sound vibration. Because the name is Krishna, we cannot control the name, for the name is the supreme controller of all controllers. But when we are chanting in such a way that Krishna is pleased, then the holy names of Radha and Krishna, by their sweet will, cleanse our hearts from within. This is how we become cleansed by the chanting–by the sweet will of the holy name. But if we do not have the proper disposition, the proper understanding of who is Krishna and who is His name, if we are not chanting in a spirit of actual devotion as His eternal servants, if we are chanting with the desire to become God, does that please Krishna? Krishna may give us impersonal liberation, but He will not give us Himself, He will not give us what the soul is longing for – pure love.

By Radhanath Swami