Radhanath Swami implores us to make a significant difference in the world


“The world is in desperate need of purification of heart.” – Radhanath Swami

Even in the name of religion, there is hatred, terrorism, sectarianism and envy; what then to speak of secular society? There is pollution all over, as an expression of pollution within the people’s minds. So whether you are engineers, doctors, business people, or politicians, whatever field of profession you may be in, try to work for salvation of humanity. If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.

Every spirit soul, every person is such a valuable significant child of God. Lord Chaitanya explained that all the wealth in all creation in not as valuable to him as one person. That is God’s feeling, and as a servant of God we want to offer all respect and offer proper example which will elevate and enlighten society. We cannot estimate how powerful good example could be.

Please seriously consider what really is valuable in life. Don’t subject yourself to succumb to degrading habits of this world.  Cultivate auspicious, good, spiritual habits. Purify the heart. Learn to love God and learn to love every living being in the service of God and make a real significant difference in the world.

– Radhanath Swami