Get out of Prison – Radhanath Swami

Success in life has nothing to do with making a comfortable happy situation in the world.  Success in life is getting out of this world.  It is explained that there are first class, second class, third class and fourth class cells within the prison.  No doubt elevating oneself from a fourth class, dirty, filthy cell to a first class, nice, clean cell is improvement.  But that is not the goal of life.  With the same amount of energy that a person is using to buy the different prison officials to get an elevation in his cell status, he can be contacting his lawyer and make a real solution to get out of the prison.  Similarly, people are very much eager to try to create a nice situation in a world of suffering, a place where death will be the final blow to diffuse all of our dreams. We should invest our energy to get out of here and go to the kingdom of God.

By Radhanath Swami