Radhanath Swami on ‘The Yoga of Everything’



“As a person approaches God, Krishna, he reciprocates accordingly. If we give all of our heart to Krishna, Krishna gives himself to us.”-Radhanath Swami

The capacity of what we have to give to Krishna, in relation to infinity, is a drop. But yet that drop, when it is offered with love, it is more precious to Krishna than all the wealth in material and spiritual existence. That is his nature. If we offer a drop he returns a bottomless shoreless ocean of his love in reciprocation. This is the principle of Bhakti.

If we approach God for material benefits, we will get some material benefits. If we want the mystical yogic siddhis, the capacity to perform supernatural miracles—by chanting mantras we can produce things in our hands, we can dematerialize and rematerialize the body in any place of the universe we desire, read and control people’s minds—if that is what we want, in due course we will get that. If we want mukti, that state of complete peace beyond all the dualities of this world, wherein we realize aham brahmasmi, we are eternally spirit, beyond birth and beyond death, in due course of time Krishna will give that. And if with all humility and sincerity we approach the Lord to serve with love, then Krishna will give himself, and that includes everything else.

–Radhanath Swami  

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