Radhanath Swami’s Article on Do Unto Others

Eating non-vegetarian food is not conducive to the positive progress of our consciousness. Part of the reason for non-vegetarian food diet is our selfishness. No one is thinking in terms of others. The golden rule is, Do unto others as you would like them to do to you. If it is not necessary should we cause a brutal torture and death to an innocent life-loving creature, just because we like the taste of its flesh?

Why? There are so many beautiful fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, nuts. It’s true that some of them are living. But for most of the fruits, nuts, vegetables and even grains you are not killing the plant; you are just cutting it, just like giving a haircut.They grow back. Certain plants are killed in the process of eating, but because they don’t have a developed nervous system you do not cause much pain to them. Therefore, you are minimizing violence as far as possible. It’s much more natural and healthy to eat a non-violent diet.

According to Gita and Bhagvata Purana (two important Vedic literatures), it is sinful to cause unnecessary pain and death to innocent creatures of God. If there is need then do it; if there is no need then be Godly, be compassionate, be loving.