Radhanath Swami – Hope in Chaos

Radhanath Swami on Hope in chaos

Politicians want to try to make adjustments to change the chaotic condition of society but the most what they can do is suppress it for some time.  And while it’s being suppressed, it appears that things are a little peaceful.  But in the process of suppressing, the disease is getting more terrible from within, and it is just a matter of time till the symptoms come out worse.

A spiritualist understanding this knows that there is only one hope and relief, and that is God, Krishna. Therefore, a devotee is always seeking shelter of Krishna, and never the shelter of the temporary adjustments and arrangements of this world. We may have to do the needful to make adjustments in this world but a devotee puts no faith in them, because they are temporary. We put hundred percent of our faith only in God, Krishna. The night is dark, we cannot change that. But in the darkness of the night, there is also a full moon, which gives light to the world – the hope and relief-giving moon of God that rises in our hearts.

By Radhanath Swami