Education Means to Bring out What Is Within Us


We are the conscious force that is animating our body. According to all the great philosophers and all the great religious men of the past and all the great scriptures of the world, the symptom of consciousness leads to the understanding of our real identity which is the soul. Now what are the needs of the self? We are studying hundreds of courses in the university to suit the needs of the body and mind. But we are completely neglecting the needs of the self. So if we talk of self-management, we can’t manage something unless we know what to manage.

We don’t even know who we are? This is the most fundamental principle of education. The word education comes from the Greek word educary which means to bring out what is within us. Does that have anything to do with modern education? Modern education is simply superimposing from outside on our brains so much data, so many statistics, facts and figures. But the real meaning of the word education is to withdraw what is within us. Real knowledge is within our own heart, but we are so externalized in our approach to life that we are completely neglecting the real needs of ourselves.

– Radhanath Swami