Radhanath Swami hints on whom we should get attached to

The great sages describe the nature of attachment. Attachment cannot be killed; it has simply to be transferred. “Consciousness is the platform of attachment. Desireless-ness is not possible for a living entity. A living entity, by constitution, has the propensity to be attached to something.” – Radhanath Swami We see …

Clouds and Moon

During the rainy season, we cannot see the moon because it is covered by the clouds. The clouds, however, are radiant with the glow of the moon’s rays. Similarly, in our material existence we cannot directly perceive the soul, because our consciousness is covered by the cloud-like false ego, the false identification…

Who is spiritually advanced?

Who is spiritually advanced

Who is spiritually advanced? Not someone who just gives sermons nicely. Anyone can speak the scriptures nicely if they have good education. But a spiritually advanced person is someone who not just…

Work in Divine Consciousness

Radhanath Swami on Work in divine consciousness

Many people say that work is worship. They feel that if they do not do anything harmful to anyone and work throughout the day that is all they have to do. They do not have to just sit at one place and think the name of