Radhanath Swami tells the ‘Story of Our Lives.’

102 Story of our lives
There was a famous best selling book in the west.  The book describes how a man was told that his father had left a great treasure as an inheritance. The man then traveled the entire world looking for that treasure. He died in the process, after a whole life of  searching. His body was brought back to his home, where his search originated from. And while digging the grave in the backyard of his home the treasure was found. It is a simple story, but it is also the story of our lives. We are trying to find the treasure of happiness. We desire to share something wonderful from that treasure with the world—but we don’t realize that treasure is within our own hearts.  If we do not find it there, we will find it nowhere else. But that treasure is covered by dirt—the dirt of false ego, the dirt of anger, the dirt of greed, the dirt of lust, the dirt of envy and the dirt of illusion. There is also the dirt of so many misconceptions. If we simply clean all the dirt from our consciousness, we will find the ultimate source of all of our aspirations—love, peace and truth.

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