The Secret to A Happy Married Life

75 Secret to happy married lyf
Married life means our home is not ours; our home is meant to serve others. If a husband and wife do not make guests feel loved and welcomed, the home they live in is no better than the nest of birds or the holes that the snakes live in. Whatever wealth and abilities they have, the husband and the wife should utilize them to uplift others, especially those who are in distress. And who are the people in distress? Factually, due to a lack of God consciousness, everybody, the rich and the poor, are in distress. Therefore, to help uplift people’s consciousness is the greatest charity one can offer.
To be greedy is the propaganda of this whole world. To be a servant, to be generous, and to be charitable is the propaganda of all the great scriptures, the propaganda of God and all the saints. God will provide everything. But let us use everything in the glorification of God and in the service of others. And that is where real joy is, that is where real love can be found. This is the true spiritual conception of family life.
– Radhanath Swami

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