The Real Meaning of Religion

Man praying on the summit of a mountain at sun set with the moon in the sky.

When we are asked to give our time to our spiritual development we do not have time; this laziness, this lethargy, is a demon; it is an enemy who from within our minds is chewing our very spiritual essence.

Therefore, we should make time to chant the holy names. All the purposes of Krishna’s descent are fulfilled in his name. He comes to annihilate the demons. He annihilates the demons within our hearts. He protects our spiritual integrity and reestablishes from within the ultimate principle of religion, which is unmotivated, uninterrupted loving service to the Supreme Lord.

Religion is not simply a sectarian identification that we socially accept within our life. Religion is the process of purifying our heart; a process of taking shelter of the Supreme Lord.
– Radhanath Swami