Manmade Illusion

53 Manmade illusion Radhanath SwamiMany times people visit amusement parks, stand in lines and pay so much money just to see a robotically-animated historical personality deliver a speech.

Why do people stand in a line? All around them are so many people blinking their eyes, moving their hands and speaking. What’s going on inside in the animatronics theater with a robot of a historical figure speaking or moving is also going on outside all around them. But people are just so bored to death outside with other people around them that they go to visit an animatronics show to see the same things.

The statue inside may be programmed to move and even speak, but it cannot think and feel.
Thousands of people all over are doing everything that the statue does—and doing it millions of times better, and with thoughts and feelings. God has created all these real people, but we won’t pay a single dollar for having seen them. We will stand in a line for seven hours and pay so much money just to see a manmade statue that blinks its eyes. It is just an illusion.

God is creating so many miracles before our eyes for our pleasure and our learning. But we ignore them.

– Radhanath Swami