Entangling Web


The network of material illusion has been created with great sophistication. Every time we deviate from the principle of servitude, we become more and more entangled in the complexities of material bondage. It is a vicious cycle. Every thought, word and deed, performed in an attempt to find happiness apart from our service to God, further binds us, covers us and entangles us in ignorance.

It’s like a fly that is caught in a spider’s web. Somehow or the other it is entangled, but out of ignorance it thinks that it can get itself out of that situation. The more it moves around to free itself, the more it becomes entangled in the web. The enthusiastic fly moves around, struggling hard to free itself. But after some time we don’t even see the fly; all we see is a little web-ball that’s just moving around. The fly is now totally bound and covered.

Human life is meant for self-realization, not for entangling ourselves like that fly in the spider’s web. The only way a fly can get out is if somebody comes and takes it off. And for those entangled in ignorance, that help comes from the saintly people.