Radhanath Swami: No Pain, No Gain

41 No pain no gain


“To become humble, we have to struggle against the natural course of the way this world works and fight against our egoistic tendencies.” – Radhanath Swami

And how do we do that? By accepting a sub ordinate position. It may be humiliating and torturous to our ego, but doesn’t a champion weight lifter torture his muscles to make them strong? To be a proper athlete, doesn’t it take tremendous effort and pain? To graduate from a prestigious university, doesn’t it take a lot of effort and pain? The nature of the intelligence is to be ignorant.If a student just lets his intelligence do what it wants, he will remain ignorant. Because he is willing to go against that tendency of his intelligence, and struggle hard to study, to learn, to memorize, he succeeds. So, if we want to achieve anything worth while in life, we have to put our effort and be willing go through the pains needed to succeed.

– Radhanath Swami