Radhanath Swami says we all have infinite significance!

16-Infinite-significanceOne of my dearest god sisters who was like a mother to me, she was on her death bed in London. I left from Mumbai to go to visit her. By God’s grace I happened to just come the day before she passed away. A very independent, active , dynamic lady who loved to get things done and who was always caring about people, and now she was with cancer, paralyzed, crippled and emaciated, her husband had to clean her excrement because she couldn’t even move.

Yet, she said with a smile, “Even though I appear very helpless I have infinite relevance, I have infinite significance, because Krishna loves me, and nothing could ever change that, not disease, not even death. That’s my greatest wealth and that gives me unlimited importance forever—that God loves me.” And then she again smiled and said, “But I have nothing to be proud of over anyone else because God loves everybody.”

To experience God’s love and to actually understand our love for God is the greatest wealth, and it’s within us. It simply has to be awakened. And that’s what spirituality, that’s what religion, that’s what yoga, that’s what true human culture is meant to do—to awaken the divinity that is within us, and to be an instrument of that divinity.

Radhanath Swami