Radhanath Swami on ‘Watering the root’

15-Watering-the-rootWhen you water the root of the tree, the water naturally extends to every leaf, every branch, every twig and every flower of that tree.

The Absolute Truth is from whom everything emanates, in other words the Absolute Truth is the root. When we water the root the tree of our heart, when we actually connect with God’s love, and when our love reaches that place, it naturally extends to every living being. We no longer see male female, black, white red, yellow, brown. we no longer see rich or poor, eastern or western, we don’t necessarily see human, dog, cat, elephant or cow. We see that wherever there is life that is sacred. If we recognize the sacredness of our life, we will recognize it wherever there is life. But if we are too dull and forgetful to see the sacredness of our own eternal existence, we can’t recognize it in others. We just become either attracted or averse to all these external things.

Radhanath Swami