Radhanath Swami Speaking About Cleansing the Mind by Chanting

Radhanath Swami - Cleansing the mind

The mind is meant to reflect into the world through our senses the love of God.  But now our mind is so dirty and dusty with so many attachments and so many polluted ideas that the truth of God’s love, which is within our heart, is going into our mind, but not reflecting anything.  It is only reflecting dust.

The chanting of the name of God cleanses the mirror of the mind, and when it is cleansed the mind becomes the most beautiful pristine instrument to reflect God’s love through everything we do.  Then we can perform work in compassion rather than greed, in truth rather than in ignorance, with honesty rather than dishonesty, in the spirit of love rather than envy, with a sincere desire to help others.

By Radhanath Swami