Radhanath Swami on ‘Personal Parmatma’



“As Paramatma, he, Krishna, is personally yours, 24 hrs a day.”- Radhanath Swami

There are unlimited living beings. Consider every insect, plant, tree, grass, animal, bird, microbe, bacteria, and germ! How many living beings are there in the body? We can’t even count those. What to speak of entire earth! What to speak of the universe! What to speak of the entire cosmic manifestation with unlimited universes with unlimited life in every universe! And that’s merely a fraction; material existence is just a fraction of the spiritual existence. There are unlimited living entities residing in the Brahmajyoti and there are unlimited living entities in unlimited Vaikuntha planets and Krishna is personally with everyone.

Krishna is the Paramatma in every living being’s heart. And that Paramatma, even though he is the same Paramatma in everyone’s heart, he is your Paramatma, he is my Paramatma, he is our special private Paramatma. It’s not that they have shifts. That one Paramatma is with you as long as you are within creation and he is personally yours. He knows your every desire; he knows your every thought, every word and every action. He is your friend, he is your well-wisher and he is your ultimate lover.

The Upanishads describe the two birds on the same tree of the material body. One bird, the jivatma or spirit soul, is trying to find happiness by eating the fruits. Sometimes the fruits are bitter and he suffers and sometimes the fruits are sweet and he finds a little happiness. But he wants more. He needs more. But the other bird, the Paramatma, is just sitting, waiting… “Just turn to me and you will be forever happy.” That is Krishna. As Paramatma, he is personally yours, 24 hrs a day. Now, when a respectful person is next to you, you usually don’t say, “I am going to sleep.” But we sleep, most people sleep half their lives. But Paramatma never sleeps. He is awake, fully conscious with full love, just waiting. That is Krishna.

– Radhanath Swami