Radhanath Swami on ‘Mosquito Airlines’


The miracles of nature are the miracles of God. There’s a philosophical lesson in every situation of life if we’re receptive.” – Radhanath Swami

We could be thrilled when we feel mosquitoes biting us, if we meditate on what an incredible invention it is. The mosquito flies, and man has made airplanes. For airplanes, we need runways, we need radar, we need air traffic controls, and we need all kinds of safety devices. But a mosquito just flies in the air with no runway.And if you go to slap him, the mosquito sees that your hand is coming and flies off to another destination. Incredible! What is the size of a mosquito’s brain? Yet such incredible intelligence for flying! I’ve seen street lamps with thousands of mosquitoes flying together swarming around. I’ve never seen any two mosquito crash into each other. For our airplanes, we need all sorts of traffic control so that the planes don’t crash. Where do the mosquitoes get their ability from? None of them went to schools for being pilots. Their mothers didn’t learn the engineering of Aerodynamics. Krishna has given the ability of a mosquito to do what humans can never do. And every human has so many incredible abilities too.

It is foolish to be bewildered into thinking that we are the doers of our activities, because everything we’ve been given and everything we can do is a gift. Krishna tells us in Bhagavad Gita that he is the strength of the strong, the intelligence of the intelligent, and the ability in every living being.

– Radhanath Swami

By RNS Articles

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