Radhanath Swami on ‘Oneness in the Bhakti tradition’

24-Oneness-in-Bhakti-traditionEvery living being is part and parcel of the Supreme Lord Krishna, like a sunray to the sun. Qualitatively a sunray gives heat and light like the sun, but quantitatively the sunray is always just part of the sun; it’s never the sun. And the sunray is always coming from the sun; the sun never comes from the sunray. So simultaneously it is one and different. That is our relationship with the Lord; we are one in quality but different in quantity.In the Bhakti tradition, the highest oneness is realized when our hearts, through love, merge eternally, infinitely with Krishna’s will, when we taste Krishna’s infinite love and Krishna tastes our love. But still, for the purpose of rasa, for the purpose of relationship we remain individuals.

– Radhanath Swami