Rain of God’s Mercy – Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami on rain of god's mercy

This material existence is like a burning forest fire. It is burning our hearts. Who would not say that their hearts are burning due to the anxieties of material life? All our attempts for relief and happiness in this world are consumed by this burning blazing fire. All of our successes and all of our incredible

accomplishments are ultimately evaporated by the sun of material existence. Therefore, it’s a very difficult situation and people are suffering. The devotees are just waiting, praying, when God will come into their lives and relieve them of the pains and sufferings of this existence.

Therefore, after long, long stretch of being burnt by the sun and the forest fire of material existence, when beautiful blackish rain clouds come, we feel great hope, we feel refuge, sheltered. The blackness in the rain clouds is the presence of rain, the rain of God’s mercy. That rain is the nourishing, life giving mercy that relieves us from the the heat of the sun and gives nourishment to all living beings. When God comes, the rains of His mercy fill our lives. Then all wonderful fortune and happiness from within and without are bestowed upon us by His divine mercy.

– Radhanath Swami


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