Radhanath Swami – Reason for suffering

Everyone tries to claim as their own what belongs to God. Therefore, there is so much misery and suffering. Because trying to claim somebody else’s property as our own is sinful. It creates bad karma. When people take something they are not supposed to take, they become attached to it; they become addicted to it and so passionate for it that they cannot live without it. They commit so many sins to keep it or to get it. And that is why there is so much crime and violence.

By Radhanath Swami


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  • Suffering is due to greediness .If we see actually when we come in to this world we are not bringing any thing, while leaving we cannot take anything .Because everything is Krishna’s property. but due to maya’s illusion we think we are great and every thing belongs to us. But under the guidance of m proper guru like Radhanath swami it is possible to come out of misery of this material world with detachment

  • Servant

    A message that clearly speaks on the cause for suffering, by His Holiness Radhanath Swami maharaj

  • Gurrappanaidu

    H.H Radhanath Swami has nicely explained the root cause of today’s sufferings.

  • Brahma Valaboju

    Very good explanation Maharaj. Thank you very much.

  • Govind Sabat

    It is understood that Ignorance is the root cause of suffering… And such articles by Swamiji make a huge contribution towards removing this ignorance. Thank you Swamiji.

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  • Jagdish Majethiya

    Good article – explained very nicely the reason for suffering.

  • santosh mamdyal

    Nicely explained . Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Jyoti chilka

    So simple. So true. And do deep are the teachings of Radhanath Swami.

  • vaishali mamdyal

    We need to recognize, at every moment, that somebody else is in control of events in our lives—that is God.

  • kamal m

    Thank you very much Radhanath Swami for sharing this. It has turned my thinking-hats on!

  • santosh mamdyal

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post

  • jyoti chilka

    Radhanath Swami teaches us that the essence of bhakti is to always be seeking blessings.

  • sunil jha

    Thats really true. Once we understand the law of Karma , we can understand , how much we will suffer if we break the law of Nature

  • Karthik

    Detachment is possible when the understanding that everything is Lord’s Property

  • Sunny

    Very insightful article by Radhanath Swami: In this world everything is given by Lord – all natural resources including the human brain (its not made in any IIT) – however whatever wealth is acheived using this is claimed by people to be theirs – without acknowledging God and not using in service of God! They want to engage it in their selfish purposes! Like one corrupt Prime Ministers wife had 6000+ pairs of shoes!

    Then there are others who want to steal from them and engage in their selfish purpose – creates an atmosphere where everyone is threatened for existence by another!

    Violence, crime, sinful activities – are only natural in such situation

  • Tushar Gaikwad

    How gradually attachments to material things grow is nicely explained by Radhanath swami!!

  • Anil Timbe

    “Everyone tries to claim as their own what belongs to God. Therefore, there is so much misery and suffering.” Radhanath Swami is so nicely pointing out the root of all suffering

  • Swapnil Gaonkar

    Another master piece of Radhanath Swami. Thank you for sharing…

  • Ashish patil vjti

    Very true

  • Sandeep Kamat

    Very good point by Radhanath Swami. Thanks a lot maharaj for making us understand that the real problem in this world is that we do not realize the proprietorship of Lord over all the things in this world.

  • shirish

    Radhanath swami maharaj speaks truths as said in Bhagavat Gita by Lord krishna.

  • hrishikesh mafatlal

    Very clear. A thief has already committed a crime, and has no moral hesitation in committing more sinful acts for his own benefit.

  • Manasa

    Wonderful Article!!! Thank you very much for sharing

  • Madana Kishore Das

    Nice explaination of why there are problems. Thanks Maharaj. Remembering this will help us stay clear of anarthas.

  • Manish Advani

    Radhanath Swami is making us understand that if we think we are the propreitors of what we possess then we are in illussion and living with a mentality of a thief

  • madhura

    Wonderfully explained by Maharaj reasons for suffering.

  • nisha

    amazing realization!

  • Sheetal Maheshwari

    Such practical understanding of why people suffer. Radhanath swami has truely realised the teachings of the Bhagavat Gira.

  • Ravi Garg

    True words from a true saint’s mouth…….

  • anjanadri

    Thanks to Radhanath swami for explaining why there is so much sufferring in this world. Radhanath swami makes it so easy to undersatnd.

  • bipin

    All Glories To H.H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

    Easy understanding of the law of karma.

    Hare Krishna

  • Sumit

    Radhanath Swami has very nicely portrayed the reason for the crimes which are increasing day by day because people avoid the message which Radhanath Swami has tried to give here.

  • deepak

    Wonderfully explained.

  • Ydas

    Radhanath Swami has hit the nail on the head by giving the cause of all evil

  • seema

    If only man realises the truth that nothing really belongs to us-it all belongs to the Lord -shall peace reign on this planet

  • Rajesh

    no wonder we are suffering due to mistakenly thinking every thing belongs to me/us but in reality it belongs to GOD.

  • vinay rachh

    Radhanath swami’s answers are very practical and straight forward

  • Aishwarya

    Such a revelation!

  • Vijay Mathias

    A wonderful explanation given by Radhanath Swami on the cause of suffering. Seldom do we think that what we are using or have is actually not our property and does belong to us, these are gifts given to us by Lord.

  • Siddeshwar Bhat

    This is out-of-the-box thinking…. and it makes perfect sense…

  • rakesh

    Thanks H.H Radhnath Swami Maharaj for this eye opner quote. Please bless me

  • prabhat kumar

    Radhanath swami’s clearly depicts that one should be satisfy what they get by their destiny, if they start doing wrong thing then there will be no peace in society.

  • Meera Sharma

    The only reason for our suffering in this world is our tendency to enjoy god’s property and claiming it as our own.

  • Dipti Gaikwad

    Lucid and perfect understanding of why bad things happen to good people. People tend to blame God for everything that goes wrong with them, not knowing its their own doing that hits them back.

  • a p sankhe

    simple but profound reality from Ishopanishada.

  • Sandeep Sutar

    “Me” and “Mine” this is the only thing people are thinking of, falsely claiming proprietership on things which belong to God. Thank you very much Radhanath swami for enlightening us.

  • Even under state laws encroachement is punishable offence. Law and order of the govts is perverted reflection of law and order of material nature.

  • AD

    Now we understand the real reason for so much crime and strife in the society- our tendency to claim as ours what in truth belongs to GOD.

  • Vidya Patham

    Thank you Radhanath Swami for instructing us on the right conduct of a person seriously engaged in the path of spirituality who is aiming to become detached form the temporary things of the material world.

  • Yogesh Valhe

    Everything is sequenced…one after the other. By understanding the ownership of God on all the things of the world, everything can be seen in right perspective and used properly. Radhanath Swami shares this fact in a very lucid and cogent way. Thank you !

  • CS Sandeep Shinde

    Very nice article. Thank you very much for shairng the same.

  • Y.Raja Shekar

    Radhanath Swami has constantly preached this point that Lord is the ultimate Propriter, Enjoyer and Controller of every thing and that the suffering is due to forgetfulness of this and due to our propensity to become the owners of what we survey. Radhanath Swami also teach all of us by his own personal example, how to use every thing in the service of God.